Friday, December 30, 2011

Be Silly and Laugh Out Loud!

2011 is about to expire! 

Have you made your resolutions for 2012? 
So, this is what I've been thinking... I decided to not make any resolutions this year. I am not promising myself anything. I'll just keep going as always... head over heels, following my passions, taking care of my interests. But no promises! You know why?

Because it seems that in each promise there is a load. Nobody really likes to have a load on his shoulders.

So, when we are pestered  - even by ourselves, our productivity falls. And we get frustrated, and then, we really don't accomplish what we had in mind.  Pressure and obligation (and consequently frustration)  are not compatible to  real success. We may get some results, but not real success.

What's the difference?
Success is the pleasure and complete satisfaction that we find in any process or result. We can achieve any result, but without real satisfaction it's not real success. 

Sucess is a state of mind. Success is to be accomplished inside, is the joy of being, regardless the outcome!

You may give up on a project, but if you do it with joy it's a success, not a failure!  On the other hand, you may earn your PhD next year,  but if it is only for status, obligation, a whim, a need to prove something, or if you are forced to do so, say, for professional reasons, and you don't really enjoy it... Well, you may get very good results... but I wouldn't say that it is a success!

So, my thought today, a few days before a new calendar cycle,  is:  I am enjoying what I am, do, and have  today!  If I keep thinking like this for the 366 days of 2012 I will accomplish much more than if I just try to stick to old resolutions. I'd rather be in a balanced and happy state of mind than pressured by promises (which frustrate me when they cannot be met). 

Maybe the best start is to not wait for the new year to start! And to not grow up!  Let's be silly, be smiley, be wise, while we grow older... but let's not grow up!  Grown-up people have too many obligations, make too many resolutions, are always under pressure, are grumpy and unhealthy! 

Let's nurture the kid inside us, no matter what's our age in numbers.  It doesn't matter a bit! There is no age - passionate and successful people are ageless! Be one of them you too!

By Rosangela C. Taylor

Friday, August 26, 2011

Let's work... but just enough. Let's have FUN!

I just took this picture today, as I remembered  Aesop's fable about the ant and the grasshopper.  Then I was looking for the fable to assign to my trainees for their English practice, when I found this video bellow  with a great twist on the theme, plus excellent production!  Congrats, Richard! ;-)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

She Freed Herself

Just free to share this: one of my poems made its way to the Red Silk Anthology. Celebration is in June/11, where I am invited to read my poem!

It's not even one of my favorite poems, but hey, among a huge number of submissions it proved to be remarkable!

You know... it may be silly but it feels good to be published by the third time!

She Freed Herself

Everyday is the same way...
the house, the spouse
not how things lay
but how don't rouse.

The way is the same
the timing, the dining
makes life lame,
tattered lining.

Same continuation
day in, day out
like a bus station.
A pout, a drought.

Who's to blame
when all is the same?
Tame dame
what a shame!

One day, it was not the same!
There was a commotion
then a deep silence came,
the Earth called her name.

By Rosangela C. Taylor

Thanks for reading!!  ;-)