Friday, August 20, 2010

Free Falling

Have you ever thought how much more there is beyond what you see, beyond what you think is 'normal', what you think is your limit?

I have. I actually do that very often! The desire to go overboard is just part of me. So I did it! I went overboard! Because life starts when we jump on it!

Watch this (for the real video, see down below on the "video bar"):


With no courage, adventure, and challenges life can be pretty dull.

I'd love to hear from you!
What does make YOUR life more exciting?  What's your passion?



  1. My dear! Glad to meet you here too ... :))
    My passion is to live in peace and always be in serenity.

    I know this is quite different from what you like, but the most important is that the differences make us more similar to each other... Each with her individuality but always together!

    I loved your blog ... and I love you so very much!

    A kiss in your soul!


  2. Tks, Diw! :)

    About your passion: "live in peace and always be in serenity". You said it is quite different from what I like! NO WAY! I like peace and serenity, too! But they are different from passion. The energy is different. It's just that I like excitement... but in between excitements, an order of peace and serenity is always welcome! ;o)

    Have you read the post "Is that Love or Passion?" from Jan, 2010? It talks a bit about the differences in energy between Love (serenity) and passion (excitement).

    Tks for sharing your insights!


  3. OMG Rose, It was just amazing!
    I would like to see your face while you were in the air :D
    It definetly must have been fun! hahaha

    I'd love adrenaline, just like you.
    Someday I'll share with you experiences like that!

    hugs :)

  4. Yeah, Mel... I hope you do! It's really a fantastic experience!
    Actually, today it would be a great day to 'fly' again... I'm just feeling like being lost in the air...

    Have fun planning your next adventure! :)

    Hugs & Kisses,