Friday, August 20, 2010

Free Falling

Have you ever thought how much more there is beyond what you see, beyond what you think is 'normal', what you think is your limit?

I have. I actually do that very often! The desire to go overboard is just part of me. So I did it! I went overboard! Because life starts when we jump on it!

Watch this (for the real video, see down below on the "video bar"):


With no courage, adventure, and challenges life can be pretty dull.

I'd love to hear from you!
What does make YOUR life more exciting?  What's your passion?


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Whatever! Let's Be a Yellow Tulip!

First, it bloomed in my garden, in a burst of life and color. Then it came to my desk. Exuberantly, it opened its yellow arms during the day, filling me with passion and enthusiasm. "So brilliant life can be!" the magic tulip whispered every morning. At night, it closed like a shell, cozy, recharging energy. Unassumingly beautiful.

It made me happy, it brought me inspiration and awe.

Then, a few days later, the petals started dropping...
one by one, until the last one, hanging by an invisible thread, was refusing to fall. The  pistils were still intact, breathing life in vivid color.  But the last petal fell.

I gathered all the petals and the center part of the tulip, with that magic drop of sap. How sexy!

The tulip has accomplished its time in the soil, and in the water. Now the parts are lying flat, in between pages of a thick book. They will dry, and be forever my magic tulip. The energy is and will be always there. Because so I believe.

That prompted a deep thought... the notion that we all are here for a limited time, too.  And in the end, we will vanish, too.  It's comforting to think that the end exists, and wise to know that while it does not come, we can be simple and happy like my magic yellow tulip, because it didn't care for whatever was coming. It just existed and made the world better! 

With this boiling in my mind, while in a boring meeting, I wrote:


In the end, what does it all matter anyway?
Things will happen, one way or another
so you'd better face it.
Can you control it?
Yes? So do it!
No? So, forget it!
One way or another you will pass through life,
'cause you are here, already!
So, you'd better make the best of it!
“How?” - You may ask from time to time
when the load seems really heavy to carry.
“However” is the answer. It doesn't matter
how you handle things, as far as you do it.
Because there isn't a “right” and “wrong”,
there is just what you can do at the moment,
with the tools and skills you have,
at that moment.
There isn't a real recipe for happiness. There is only
one ingredient: acceptance.
When you accept what you can and cannot
do, be, and have
you have got it!
Why to struggle, when the best part of being well
is the well-being?
So be it!
Because, you are
going to die
And if you are alive
great! Some more time
to play.
And if you are dead
great! You'll be out
of sorrow!
In the end, what does it matter anyway?


Monday, April 19, 2010

When a Malware Wipes Out the System

You know when your computer freezes... you lose files, you start over and you can't recover them, you feel like going home because the system crashed!  Yes... I know how it is, too...

When a Malware Wipes Out the System

The system froze!
I have shut off so many times
restarted, re-booted
called for your assistance
but your hot-line was unavailable...
I've wiped off my "see"
and ignored the error messages;
I've dipped in your blue, screen of death.

But you keep popping up
and occupying too much space
hogging all my memory
trillions of bits per second
unwanted sounds and images
you slow down my system
overload my capacity
to process information.

You've locked the screen
and frozen the navigation.

Nowhere to go
nothing to do, but kill
the programs...

I'm deleting them
One by one...

I'm deleting all the bits,
all the bugs,
and all bullshit
you left on my board.
You messed up
my binary system
where there were  two digits;
now there is only one...

I set fire on your wall
you opened the gate just
to allow a hacker to break
in. A malware wiped us out.

I have a backup of your photos
and text files -
yes, you know where?
in the trash can!

The audio file with your voice
I burned,
the flashdrive with your thoughts
I drove the truck over.

I cleaned my virtual memory
I scanned for virus
I tossed your hardware
from my slot
away from my view,
now my "soft wears" are new.

I removed you from my
my notebook
and I hung myself on a hook
like a winter coat
needing to be renewed,
to delete you now
from my IM
if I could ever know where
- without your bits -
the heck I AM!

I'm pushing the OFF button now. Goodbye!


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Beliefs, Changes, Energy ...

Decisions... and poetry! Is this what Life is all about?  :-)   Yes or No?  Tell me what you think!

Energy of Life!

Earthquake of words...
astounding discoveries.

What was that sound?

Something was found!
No explanation,
but documents, books
and alike...
There was a certain mention,
and the story is what it looks

The questions remain:
How's that possible?
What's that?
A God or two?

'Nothing' seems enough...
Just when defeat is a bluff
Then what?
Faith? Farce?
A rut...

Passion is bold,
Fool's Gold.
Numbs the senses.
Red are the fences
that emptiness jumps
wild, in clumps
to meet passion -
the rage in a strife
rescuing in new fashion
the Energy of Life.


Monday, April 5, 2010

This is Inspiration!

An example of Passion!  Passion for Life! Passion for Writing!

This is the inspiration of a reader of The Passionate Rose, who is also a great poet. He is also becoming a friend of mine, and... would I dare to say, a fan as well?  ;-)

Here is to you, Daniel!  Thank you so much for this sweet poem you wrote for me!


Lady De Flores
by Daniel Curtis

I met a Beautiful-Rose; a Rose without thorns
they say She comes from Brazil
that's where thornless Roses are born

In a valley, on a beach, between fruit-laden hills
the Rose frolics, blissfully;
as only a Sao Paulo Flower does...

I saw her through a window
teeming with souls passionately following
that Beautiful-Rose

The spirits listened intently
to the words of the Rose
that flowed, spellbound, like sensual-prose

I peaked through that window, hoping in vain
to glimpse the Lady De Flores
and let her take away my pain.

The End

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Renewal!

If seasons help us to remember that we too must change, this is the greatest one! I love spring because it takes me away from death! That cold, dark, monotonous winter is gone for good! Well... at least for now!

And as I am a kind of pagan by heart, I love to celebrate the resurrection of gardens, warm days - and of myself! Those are the biggest changes! Our own rebirth! Mother Nature is just telling me, once again, to lift my chin up and breathe... breathe... and move on!

It's Spring Time!  Finally!

I am renewing things around here: not only objects around the house, but emotions inside myself. With a certain object go its memories, unnecessary and painful memories some times. Even the good memories can be painful, when there is no hope for them to materialize again!

There are still a dark shirt in my drawer... a CD, a couple of pictures and a few other relics, and several emails that must go. That's just the beginning. The most difficult part are the ghosts - those memories! - that keep knocking on my door. Eventually they will go, too...

Emptiness is what must remain - so there will be space for the new. For the rebirth.


Coming from the past
is now only this feeling
memories at their best,
waiting for some healing.

It's a weird sensation
not to be alone, but lonely
First was exhilaration
now, emptiness only.

I guess it's good to feel a little "hollow" sometimes! Then, comes a ...

Storm Renovation

Clay under water spout
survived the drought.
There comes the wash out...
sudden energy taking away
useless pray,
a pout...

You built this ridge.
Now, it's all water
under the bridge.

Happy Changes to All of You!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hapiness is a State of Mind...

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate."
Carl Jung

I'm not anymore like before: waiting for something big to happen. The THING is here and now! :-)

Suddenly there is no more wait, no more attachments, no more fears, no more hang ups. Whatever happens it's ok! Life doesn't challenge me, I challenge life. I rule my life and I decide upon my happiness.

Wanna try it,too? Just read this out loud: It's just a matter of changing the focus, and awakening the unconscious. I am aware now of what I am thinking, feeling and wishing. And I'm letting go of things I cannot control. I'm totally responsible for what I attract to my life. Thus I choose to believe only in what pleases me. And what pleases me is what comes to me!

There is no fate. I consciously build and rebuild my own path.

Well... Vacation was great and shed new light on my thoughts. I decided that whatever happens from now on, it's fine. I've coined my mantra: "Since I am here, living, I will be fucking happy no matter what! Dammit!" 

I like that! Swear and all - it makes me laugh out loud and release whatever could be holding me back. Try it!! It works!!  :-D

The New Passionate Rose

Ubatumirim, Ubatuba/SP-Brazil

My other home: Enseada Beach, Ubatuba, SP/Brazil

São José dos Campos, SP/Brazil

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Waiting for Something Big to Happen...

If I had a reason, I would...

If you hold my hand
I jump
If you make me trust
I fly
If you show me passion,
if you ask me to...

If you give me a reason,
I will.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Still Living

Still Living is the name of a Brazilian rock band, whose guitarist is a subscriber of one of my websites. It seems that we are mutual fans! I've seen myself in several of their song's words... Passion is such a universal feeling! It just bugs me when people try to kill their passion in name of the false concept of being "correct" and following stupid behavioral rules.

Still Living is an independent band and their songs are mainly AOR and melodic hard rock. They are from Garanhuns, Pernambuco (one of my favorite states in the northeast coast of Brazil!) and they have been doing a great job with their words and instruments since 2004.

Many of their songs and videos shared around the Net are still a little raw. Handsome Pedro Gilberto (vocal) has a low-toned voice, which in many songs gets obscured by the high-toned instruments (this makes it hard to understand the words and fully "feel" the song). They are working on a demo CD, so I guess little details will be soon addressed.

It's worth checking these guys out! The music arrangements are really good! I especially like the song Trying to Believe... very nice groove!

And here you can listen to some others songs, right when you open the site.

If you are a rock expert or a rock snobbish, forgive my "like-everything-what-makes-me-happy" style! I am no expert in music, but I love everything that makes me drift away (i.e. think, dream, dance, cry, laugh... good wine... love...).

Here are the words of Stream of Life. I like the words in this song (pity we can't hear them clearly in the demo video!). These words reflect a bit of my own life poetry. Yep...the storm will pass... I'm too, "Trying to Believe", and I am "Still Living"! ;-)

Stream of Life

in the dark days of this year
you saw your dreams disappear…
you’re feeling all alone
like a shadow on the wall…

now you want to blame the world
tomorrow is getting colder…

you need to come home
or find a little shelter
There's a broken feeling
knocking on your door

you’re not the only one
in the stream of life
now you must be strong
to break the chains around you

what will life bring you now?
all the faith is going down…
more than a tragic day
you’re lost along the way…

in your eyes I see the pain
and your heart beats away…

rain keeps on falling
in the strongest storm

Go Still Living! Keep that passion on! Keep following your dreams! I am proud of you guys! :-)


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Is that Love or Passion?

I am listening to one of my Italian CDs and getting lost in my thoughts... I stop to observe my cats. Topaz is lying down in front of the heat vent - smart girl! Onyx comes by and starts grooming her. He licks the top of her head, so affectionately. She seems to enjoy it - how else would she groom the top of her own head?

That sweet scene of nature brought tears to my eyes... plus the songs... plus some old memories...

Yeah... like the cats we all need some special grooming, don't we? Certain things are better when the "cat friend" does to us...

Acceptance. Interaction. Affection. Discoveries. And Love. Different kinds of love.

How many times do you believe one can fall in love? I believe numerous times. Different kinds of love, sometimes at the same time. Who's to say what is to be? Life just happens! "Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans" said John Lennon. "...and trying to understand the rights and wrongs",  said I.

Sometimes we may love someone only to discover later a transformation... into another kind of love. Another intensity takes place, different feelings, desires... or no desires. Just acceptance. And sometimes no acceptance, either.

Sometimes we change. Many times when we change, the other does not. And we want more from life; the other does not.

We are then hungry for life, wonder, fantasy, sex, intensity... that "one moment in life". We hunt, following our instincts like wild beasts craving for happiness. We then find what feeds our soul, our mind, our energy. We discover life again... all the colors... sounds... sensations.

Is that love or passion?

It seems to me that love is something more heavenly (heaven being a peaceful state of mind). It's more of a reasonable feeling. Acceptance, calm, tolerance. Love is kind... is pastel blue... healthy breeze. But passion... oh, passion is different!

Passion is like a roller coaster with no breaks! It's not peaceful or calm. It's intense and alive! It can be kind... kind of "nice-naughty"! It's sparkling red... a mad storm!

Passion is always boiling. Love is always simmering.
Love is the safe harbor. Passion is the explosion.

Love keeps you safe. But it can be boring if there is no passion.
Passion keeps you alive. But it can be harmful if there is no love.

What if you are in love? And passionate? And so alive? What do you do?  Fear the emotion? Avoid it? Run away? Despair? 

Just do it! Just live it! Life just happens if you are open to it. A dear friend of mine says, "Everything works if you let it".

Dear... I am letting it!

Are you?


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dr. Seuss Wonders

"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams."
— Dr. Seuss