Tuesday, August 5, 2014



What are you perceiving right now?

“Your opinion is your opinion, your perception is your perception – do not confuse them with “facts” or “truth”. Wars have been fought and millions have been killed because of the inability of men to understand the idea that everybody has a different viewpoint.”
– John Moore

What does this shadow on the wall bring to your mind?  Go ahead and share your perception!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Midsummer Afternoon Nightmare

Midsummer Afternoon Nightmare

I really thought we were in midsummer! Am I missing something here? Perhaps my Google calendar has freaked out and we are in October, not summer anymore!

Well, as I write this it's August 3, 2014, but some days ago (when it was still JULY!) I went to a few stores looking for a small watering can - one of those with a long spout, just for my little house plants.

Much to my chagrin I did not found my watering can in the first four stores I went to. Instead, there was plenty of Halloween decor!  And - gasp! - Christmas decor, too!!!

Where are we going in such a hurry? It's still summer! Why in the skies do we have to see Halloween stuff in July? The retailers are three months earlier, and three months means a whole season!!  That leads us to not fully enjoy the present season with all what is brings, because we are driven into planning and expectations about what is coming next! 

In fact, I have noticed for the last few years an increasing mania for preparing for the next season. Always for the NEXT - never fully living the current one. Can you see the madness in that?

During the long and freezing winter people keep wishing for spring. In February stores start carrying spring items while I am still trying to enjoy my hot cocoa by the fireplace! When spring finally comes, people hurry up for summer sales, and when finally summer is here I cannot easily find a simple watering can, because the stores are renewing their stock already and putting Halloween and Christmas items on their shelves - side by side, even!  Not mentioning the lack of sense of many stores and restaurants that set their air-conditioners to such an "F" cold temperature that I feel like I am in winter again, but this time wearing summer clothes!  It's all messed up!

The point is: why are people negating themselves the pleasure of fully enjoying each season in its due time?

Why such a hurry?  To get where?

No wonder people keep saying that "time is passing so darn fast!" Why, of course!  They are anticipating everything!  Can't we just live summer in summer, and fall in fall? And so on and so forth? There will be plenty of time and shelf space later, and of course, consumers, too (never a lack of them in this country!), to buy all possible junk in the stores, in any season!  I don't understand the haste! One could tell me that it's just how the commerce functions. But it doesn't convince me! I think it's sick!

Halloween loses its magical sense when ghosts and spiders and lovely witches prematurely sit down on the shelves that should be still displaying flowers, garden fairies, and watering  cans!

What? Am I exasperated for nothing? No!  I am PASSIONATE, remember?  We are here talking about CULTURE!  Halloween is related to autumn, to transformation, to the end of a cycle. So, it cannot be anticipated and brought to the maturity of life that is summer!

We are all missing the boat as we live our days in tomorrow, letting today escape. That ought to be at least one of the reasons why many people are unhappy, sensing that they are missing something (and they are indeed!) while time is passing too fast. Such people have not found out yet how to live the NOW moment. They keep going with the masses, with the media, with the brainwashing, with the trends, with what's "out there". And forgetting what is "in here"... inside themselves. The Essence. The real purpose and meaning of things.

I am out of this craze!  I am not buying or decorating for Halloween until the first or the second week of October. The mood is not set yet! And Christmas, only in December!  Never before Thanksgiving!

For everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven!

Happy Midsummer!

P.S. About my small watering can?  It took me a while, but  eventually I found what I wanted at Dollar General! Kudos to DG!