Saturday, April 1, 2017

Mirrored Life

Today is April... National Month of Poetry. For a few years in the past I took the PAD challenge (by Writers' Digest) of writing one poem a day. I was quite disappointed I couldn't do it last year, but this year I'm back to my poems!

I'm just glad, that's all. I love to write poems, just because it stirs up my creative juices in a different way and speed. :)

Here's for today. Something to reminisce... (that was the prompt given to the poets today).

Photo Mirrored Life, by Rosangela Taylor

Mirrored Life
I long that spring-time date
when I turned ninety-eight.
There wasn’t much to bloom
but harmony filling the room.

My senses were more awake
the vision, more acute and clear.
While smiles were never fake,
were white, young, from ear to ear.

I was stronger, inside and out
I feared no more, I saw no fault
in the world, or in myself.
Everything was as it should be
with or without my help;
everything was perfect for me.

I was free from third-party concepts
and mass ideas that everyone accepts,
I was more confident; I didn’t give a hoot
I was in peace, non-reactive and astute.

I long that time when I was young
with abundance of time, at ninety-eight
but somehow, from there, I was flung
to another dimension and time gate.

And here I sit, turning forty-nine
looking back into space and time,
seeing the reflection of what I was
at ninety-eight, simply sublime.

But then, there was a pause.
A still moment. And retraction.
I heard steps, whistles and applause.
They were waiting for my reaction.

They were the years to come
and also the years gone.
My personal eon.
And then some.

Looking in the mirror,
I saw another mirror
and two lives at the same time,
when I turned forty-nine.

Rosangela Taylor

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