Thursday, May 24, 2012

En Route!

Sometimes we don't know where we are going. We just know we are living, or living again, when we find on the way situations and people that seem to wake us up from dead. So, we are en route, but where to?

I've found out that the answer doesn't really matter. The destination isn't the most important thing, because it usually means the end of a journey. When we are in a journey the most fun we have is related to the unknown, to the surprises, the challenges, the learning and discoveries that we have along the way. But when we get there... that's the end of all this.

Say you are experiencing a new romantic relationship, or an old one with a new take; or a new business or personal project – whatever new path you are in now, it must be amazing because of all the things, sensations, insights, etc that are bringing to you a new you. Just because of the inspiration that the new can cause. Just because you are engaged in something that you are passionate about, and that gives you pleasure.

And THAT is the point! The pleasure you have in the journey – not the end of the journey.  The destination, or where you are going to be tomorrow in your new relationship or projects, it's only what wraps up the package. The content of that neat package - the NOW -  is what matters the most.

When we enjoy the journey without focusing so much on the question “what will happen next?” we create the mental environment to be inspired, confident, and happy – in the now moment! This can only lead us to more inspiration, confidence, and happiness. Isn't this success?

If you are going to be bored and give up your new project tomorrow, you don't know yet! If your new flamed relationship is going to last until tomorrow... you don't know. Things happen! Not bad things or good things. Just things! How you take them is what makes the difference. So, embrace your new lover and your new project TODAY! Live fully today, without wasting precious time and energy worrying about tomorrow. Tomorrow hasn't been written yet! YOU are writing it, with what you are doing right now. So just do what brings out the best of you!

I make a point to not plan too much for tomorrow – just enough to keep myself going, but free to change courses whenever it seems appropriate. Flexibility in thinking. That is an important item to carry along in the journey.

Bon Voyage!


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