Monday, October 6, 2014

Energy, Synergy, Harmony

Sometimes I tend to believe that truly passionate people have this tendency to be out of whack. I guess passion does that. Although I love to be passionate (and out of whack now and then), I must admit that it's not one the most harmonious feelings on Earth! Yes, passion is made of excitement, motivation, and energy! Lot's of energy. The thing is that such energy can go a little out of balance sometimes... and THAT is when we can get in trouble! Because even the good things must be balanced.

In search for more balanced personal energy, which also improves health, wealth, relationships and everything around us - I came across the traditional and ancient way of body-mind-spirit healing method: Qi Gong (or Chi Gong). I started studying it a few years ago and I've learned and practiced enough to heal myself and others in certain situations, but I must admit that that particular style I learned bored me, and so I have lost a bit of interest in continuing practicing it.

However, and even though I have been learning and practicing other energy healing methods, the principle of Qi Gong (the flow of energy) remains as a guidance for me, being one of the greatest ways I have experienced to balancing my being.

Today I received a Universe Cue and something made me search for a new Qi Gong approach. I found Bill Farr on You Tube, and I liked him at first sight! I have just watched this video below, and glanced at his website, but it seems to me that he has a very clear, to the point, and dynamic style. It's pleasant, it's informative, for what I know about Qi Gong it seems very effective the way he performs it, and .... I could never get bored looking at his six-pack or listening to his captivating voice! LOL (There I go... getting out of whack again!)

If, like me, you are so passionate that you can get in trouble now and then (like a teenager, for example!), you might benefit from Qi Gong, too. Well done, i.e. done with intention it reduces stress, negative mind behavior, illnesses, pains, and it restores balance and well-being.

The motto is: Be passionate, but be balanced, too! Let that energy flow! :)

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