Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Inspiration, Perspiration...

Life in Red

Don't panic!
Just try it.
Don't make a face,
don't be afraid,
just reflect on it.
Open your senses and
allow the sensations
to be with you.
Just surrender,
you must know what
it is all about.
Do not cling to prejudices,
false beliefs.
Leave uncertainties behind,
open your mind,
get attracted to it,
bite into it!
Sweat, cry, get immersed
in the feeling -
it's not a suffering,
it's an experience.
the flavor,
the heat,
the energy.
The color and the message.
Talk to it.
Respect it.

Become it!

This is life forever,
and how you eat
a red hot pepper!

I got inspired by a delicious hot pepper when I wrote this poem, Sunday 27, 09.
Isn't life like that? So many times we get scared to try, to take a bite, then we cry, complain, talk bad about it, suffer... but in the end it's all in our head. There is no suffering! Actually, it's just a matter of point of view.

Many people believe that certain things (like peppers) are bad for you. That's just a viewpoint. It's not absolute truth!  Other people believe it's delicious, hot, intense, healthy (all that vitamin C!), and it triggers new sensations...

Just look at it, observe it, and accept it for what it is. Freely! Naturally!

Isn't how life is supposed to be?



  1. kudos.....get the marrow out that pepper baby!

  2. LOL - Wow! That can be quite profound, Trey! ;-)

  3. hehehe thanks! she sounds like shes doing just that!!! wish i could write poetry! :(

  4. Trey, your "short stories" are pretty good! With a little practice you can go to poetry! ;-) For example, that episode about the girl, the hug and kiss, you could well transform in poetry. It could be in prose, not necessarily in verse. It has the potential!

    After all, inspiration is everything!!

  5. email me ..tell me whats up......