Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Wrong Label

And the Poem-A-Day Challenge continues... today the 21st day with the prompt "what I am" and/or "what I am not".

And here we go...

Wrong Label

What I am, nobody knows
Where I stand or
where I go
nobody can see.

Not even me.
Because I transmute
often, I change route.

You think I am what you see
but you know nothing about me.
You are part of my story
belong to my inventory
but you never fought my battles.
You didn’t rebuild my castles.

You just fantasize.
And you envy my paradise,
you vaguely see my treks,
you don’t know about my wrecks
and yet, you judge my acts.

You don’t know who I am
and you don’t give a damn!

You know nothing about
what’s in and out
of my changing views
from the lowest grounds
to my highest hills.
From my spring valleys
to my pitch-dark alleys.

And you label me,
anyway. As if I were
a box of Lipton tea.
You are unaware
but I am not
what you thought.
I am not a finished product,
ready and packed.
Me, you cannot predict.

Where I am today and where I go
remains an incognito.
Who I am now won’t be tomorrow
that’s life’s sweetest marrow!

I am the expedition –
A special edition.
Or the expeditionary –
A visionary.

No delimitation
or definition.
There is no end of me.
I am just free to be.

– Rosangela C. Taylor


  1. Brillant!!!
    Congratulations!!!👏👏👏 🌹

  2. Thanks for the appreciation, Mariza! :)