Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Public Restrooms

It just makes me mad sometimes! It seems that there is a bunch of people out there trying to show they are smart while they burn their gray matter with nonsensical ecological solutions.

Think about the hand drier in the public restrooms. Convince me that they make sense! Prove it!! What is really that we are saving by replacing the perfectly good paper towels by noisy machines that don't dry our hands at all? Facts: replacement costs; cost with electric energy to run the damn dryers; obnoxious loud noise in the restroom, and a constantly wet sink, because there is no more paper to dry the water we spill while washing hands. Besides, if you want to brush your teeth after that good meal you had, still hanging in between your ivories, you have to use your sleeve to dry your mouth and your tooth brush! How stupid is that?

Now, speaking of noisy gadgets that still keep parts of your body wet, there is another one: the darn automatic flush! Why in the hell do we need automatic flush in the toilet? Don't we have arms and fingers to push buttons or levers? Ok, think about this: you are there, in one of those special moments that require concentration - you just finished that great meal and you do need to get rid of the excess. So you sit down on the throne, all zen, performing your cerebral hygiene. And all of a sudden that annoying flush gets activated! You lose your concentration, and you end up with toilet water sprayed on your butt! How do you like that? Facts: D.E.D = Disturbing, Expensive, Disgusting. Yes, expensive when you think about the natural resource - WATER! - that is being wasted! There is no need to flush if we have not finished yet, right? I've heard toilets flushing even when there is nobody in the stalls!! What kind of "ecological movement" is that? So much talk about saving water, energy and paper... what a bunch of crap!

Here is another moronic thing, still speaking of crap and toilets: have you ever used those paper seat-covers? Well, if you never used them, that proves how useless they are - a waste of paper and labor! If you have used them, have you noticed how lame they are? Open one next time you go to a public restroom and think with your engineer mind: they have the shape of a toilet seat. In the center there is a detachable part, so I understand we are supposed to detach that central paper part, toss it, and line the toilet seat with what remained in our hands. No, wait! A friend of mine informed that you are suppose to leave on that detachable part and pee and poop on top of it, which will go down with the wait of the "stuff"! Now, my question is: why do they market that cover with the "detachable" part in, if it is useless and we still have to have the trouble to deal with that? Or, don't deal with that, according to my friend Mary, but still that fact does not eliminate the uselessness of the detachable part.  Couldn't the manufacturer save that part of the paper, instead of having us to toss it? Or save the paper altogether?  (instead of saving the paper towels, as a mater of fact!).

You have probably used a toilet with one of those automatic plastic lining attached to the seat, that runs around after each use, delivering a fresh lining. It seems a better idea to me... although I have wondered if when the whole thing rotates it really goes to the trash, or... eventually comes back to the next user! :-p

Where is the "green" in all these gadgets? Darn automatic faucets that don't dispense enough water to wash your finger tips, and waste of the same water on automatic flushing toilets. They claim to save paper towel at the expense of electricity to run the noisy dryers; and add gadgets demanding use of more paper, or plastic!

Did I say "paper or plastic"?  Green here, green there, it's all a fad! Look at the "green bags" in the grocery stores! Have all the plastic bags been banned from earth at all? Noooooooo! They are still around! Gazillions of them: garbage bags, grocery bags, all sort of disposable plastic stuff that goes to the landfills anyway - so why so much concern about the useful plastic grocery bags? What, again, are we saving by replacing them with fabric bags? The Earth? Don't tell me lies!  Oh, yes, perhaps we are saving the bank account of the smart ass who started this craze about "go green". And people buy it! People follow everything, as if they were hypnotized! They adhere to any new fashion! "Ohhhh, everybody is doing it? Let's do it, too! Let's go green!" - Without pondering whether there is some sense in that or not.

Yes, I go green! I turn green in disgust by realizing how people are brainwashed - and they don't even notice it!

Green Rose  

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