Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Whatever! Let's Be a Yellow Tulip!

First, it bloomed in my garden, in a burst of life and color. Then it came to my desk. Exuberantly, it opened its yellow arms during the day, filling me with passion and enthusiasm. "So brilliant life can be!" the magic tulip whispered every morning. At night, it closed like a shell, cozy, recharging energy. Unassumingly beautiful.

It made me happy, it brought me inspiration and awe.

Then, a few days later, the petals started dropping...
one by one, until the last one, hanging by an invisible thread, was refusing to fall. The  pistils were still intact, breathing life in vivid color.  But the last petal fell.

I gathered all the petals and the center part of the tulip, with that magic drop of sap. How sexy!

The tulip has accomplished its time in the soil, and in the water. Now the parts are lying flat, in between pages of a thick book. They will dry, and be forever my magic tulip. The energy is and will be always there. Because so I believe.

That prompted a deep thought... the notion that we all are here for a limited time, too.  And in the end, we will vanish, too.  It's comforting to think that the end exists, and wise to know that while it does not come, we can be simple and happy like my magic yellow tulip, because it didn't care for whatever was coming. It just existed and made the world better! 

With this boiling in my mind, while in a boring meeting, I wrote:


In the end, what does it all matter anyway?
Things will happen, one way or another
so you'd better face it.
Can you control it?
Yes? So do it!
No? So, forget it!
One way or another you will pass through life,
'cause you are here, already!
So, you'd better make the best of it!
“How?” - You may ask from time to time
when the load seems really heavy to carry.
“However” is the answer. It doesn't matter
how you handle things, as far as you do it.
Because there isn't a “right” and “wrong”,
there is just what you can do at the moment,
with the tools and skills you have,
at that moment.
There isn't a real recipe for happiness. There is only
one ingredient: acceptance.
When you accept what you can and cannot
do, be, and have
you have got it!
Why to struggle, when the best part of being well
is the well-being?
So be it!
Because, you are
going to die
And if you are alive
great! Some more time
to play.
And if you are dead
great! You'll be out
of sorrow!
In the end, what does it matter anyway?


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