Sunday, April 1, 2012


Today is April 1st. and  this is not a prank! 

April is the National Poetry Month and I am again taking this enriching challenge of writing one poem a day and post it on Poetic Asides, along with hundreds of other poets. 

It's fun and  we all can learn a lot with it!  Thanks Robert L. Brewer for Poetic Asides, and for these five years of "poeming"!  ;-)

I'll share my poems  here, too, since this is a passion! 

My first poem of April, based on the suggested prompt "communication":

Gerald the Herald

“Gents 'n Ladies,

I commute from Comunion
to communicate to this community
the coming-up of the eleventh commandment.

As per the Commander's command,
I shall commence the communication
with common sense and camaraderie.

Communes and commoners,
comrades and comedians,
compadres and con men,
collect your chimeras and commodities
combine them all, also the commodes
and all the countless conflicts.
Compromise and commit to common sense
come out of your coma!
What else do you need? A coach or a combustion?
Creatures of consumerism,
Stay conscious, c'mon!
Stop and think, consume less, conceive better.
Common sense is the commandment!

Comments or commendations,


Note: Comunion is a small town in Álava, Northern Spain.

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