Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What about dreams?


In the ethereal world
things have another dimension
and are so real!
Colors, depth, contrast,
texture, and feelings. All
is sharper and brilliant,
also translucent and fragile.
Images change fast,
situations, people...
and we don't try to make sense
of all things, like we do
in the material world.

Imagine you are looking out
the window and seeing your neighbor
walking on the sidewalk,
and suddenly you see now
flying tea pots, and right after that
you are collecting compost for your garden,
and a second later you are talking to a friend
who just appeared from nowhere!
You would probably be scared,
crazy, trying to make sense of all things.
Not in Dreamland! We don't need to make sense.
We don't even think we should.
We just absorb and live every single fact,
act, and situation that is around.
And everything is right –
because we think it is.

Is this a lesson from Dreamland, telling us
to enjoy life as we do when we are
in the fabulous World of Dreams?

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