Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Can we love the unlovable?

Today I saw a post on Face Book with this picture and message about love.

Beautiful, do you think? Quite simple, actually, if you come already from a state where your mind is clear, your spirit is elevated, and your heart is full of compassion.

One person commented on that post, asking, "What about the unlovable?"

Good point! 

To love the lovable is easy, requires no efforts!  And I remembered that there was  a time in my life when I could not even conceive the idea of loving the unlovable. Of course, I could not understand the energy behind that.

Taking on a holistic approach after some quantum experiences, some courses on spiritual growth and energy healing, I started to understand better the beautiful message by Madeleine L'Engle in her classic book A Wrinkle in Time. Only by loving "IT" the freedom and peace could be restored. It's necessary to learn how to love the unlovable!

Many of us confuse "loving" with "wanting" or "being with" - that's why it seems so impossible to love the unlovable. You can send love to the most cruel and horrendous creature, and that does not mean you want to be part of it, or agree with it, or be with it. Love just removes the bad aspect that might be there. So, that horrendous creature or thing loses the so-called bad aspect when receives love. 

It may take some time. I know... it ought to be a heck lot of love to send to certain creatures in order to start seeing some transformation for better! But it's worth the effort! Tried and true!

I  dare you to try, too, the seemingly tough task of loving the unlovable. Next time you think of or see something unlovable to you, pour on it a brilliant shower of love (like sparkles, or tiny little stars, or pixie dust, or a blessing, or a pray if you prefer - you create your own form of love in your imagination). And "see" or "feel in your heart" that love covering that unlovable person, or situation, etc. 

Let me know the wonderful outcomes you will experience in your life from that true love! 

P.S. To do this you must be aware of your thoughts and feelings. Be in the moment.

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