Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Life is... WHAT?

Which phrase best resonates with you?

a) Life can be great... but not for every one.
b) Life sucks!  Well, most of the time.
c) Life is just a mission on Earth, and most people suffer to reach heavens.
d) Life can be good or bad, depending on the environment you are.
e) Life is as good as we make it, regardless external influences.

Well, we could go on and on here and give many, actually, an infinite number of definitions for life. However, the challenge here is to choose only one of the the five options above  -  the first one that comes to your mind - and THINK about your answer, if you will.

I think that if you chose anything from a) to d) you are giving away your personal power. If  you stick to the fifth option, consciously observing yourself, without judgement or criticism, you will notice that all the other statements lose power. Thus, your life will have no chance of being less great than the beauty you visualize for it.

What do you visualize, anyway?

Here is a reminder: your thoughts and feelings are projected out in the Universe, translating into facts and situations that then come to you. That means that whatever you have in your thoughts and feelings (the first creates the latter) will be projected out of you in form of reality (in different forms and shapes), coming to you. You think of war, you feel sad, you project sadness out in the world. And what you project, you receive. Peace cannot be established in the world - or inside yourself - if your state is of sadness, pity, anger, sense of injustice, fear, etc.

And ye,t another reminder: DECIDE to be joyful, no matter what; CHOOSE the things that are favorable to you, that feed your well-being, and stick to them; KNOW inside your heart that you are the only responsible person for your life, so MAKE it worthwhile living! Stop expecting the world to be better, so you can be happier, be in peace, be fearless. Understand that the process is the other way around! First you feel good, then the world gets better - at least yours, that much I can guarantee! And, the more people feel good and peaceful, the more the world feels good and healed, too! It's an Energy Equation!

So, stop criticism. Stop complaints about the world. Stop fear. Stop judgement. Stop angry. Stop feeling small, Just STOP!

You can do it! It's your mind, it's your decision!

And you'll expand... naturally. And so the world!

LOVE YOURSELF, then it will be a walk in the park to be loved by the world, and to love the world as it is....

Just LOVE!

And keep loving, and knowing that you are loved, too!

Your life can and will be the paradise you make.


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