Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Make it Happen!

Back to regular life! I was on vacation, and that explains my disappearing act for the past few days! Sometimes we do need to disappear for a while, don't you think? It's good to refresh ideas, see different things and people, and cause some longing on somebody's heart. ;-)

I was at Disney World and there is always something valuable to take home when I go to that "other world": Mr. Disney's principle and his approach towards his dreams. It's all so inspiring! I feel so much stronger and positive when I see the whole world he has built. I feel that I can, too! That's the best part of the trip! I love Goofy (he's my favorite, with all his simplicity and good heart); and I am crazy for all that different food we can have at Epicot. I am fascinated by the art in Hollywood Studios; and by the magic and all the colors in the Magic Kingdom. I feel even more connected to the Universe being surrounded by nature and animals in Animal Kingdom; and totally alive and excited when riding on the roller coasters! Pure adrenaline! But, what really comes back with me when it's time to come back to the "regular life" is Disney's main message about life. Persistence, positive thoughts, positive attitude.

Yeah! "Make it Happen!"

I am making it!

Are you?


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  1. NO thank you! youre welcome ....small smile..... its nice to be heard and you seem have something to say.... :)