Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Poem

Illustrating the previous post, here is the poem,

Things We Do For Love

Oh, what we do for love...
We do strange things
We cross the limit
We search for more
and find it!

We fall, we fly, we die
and again we try,
we live in awe
for all what we saw,
what we know of love.

We learn, we teach
foreign words to speak
with meaning:
beijo, tesão, saudade, amor
such a glamour
what we do for love...

We take risks, we thrive
we drive far away,
just to play,
and be alive.

It's a treat
when we meet we melt,
loosen the belt,
fasten the ties
when we dive in each other's eyes
skinny-dip, up to the soul
trip with no toll
passion scents
touch, taste
all senses...

Oh, what we do for love...
We do get in trouble!
Day-dream in a soap bubble
suffer from anticipation
worries, fears, expectation
we cry of pleasure, excitement,
and laugh in the next moment.

We become stupid, and braver
silly and savvier.
We go round and round just to say
what's already expressed in another way
our feelings, this urge
desires that emerge ...

We hide, we hunt, we show off
we take longer showers
we count the hours.
We dance in the parking lot
we sing out loud a lot.
We can stand on our head
and we smile all the time
like the Cheshire cat
in Wonderland prime.

We are not all there, ourselves
We don't know which way to go
but it doesn't matter
when we delve
holding hands in wonderlands.

Oh, where we go for love....
to places of danger, excitement, fancy
a house of cards,
flimsy fantasy
idle scenario changing all the time
a tea party, but with wine.
It's a fall down on the hole
deep, really profound
we can hear that sound
that peculiar sound
of intensity,
we are all for action.

Yes, it's a moment in time,
energy pill...
A torturous delight
to climb up the mountain...
just for the thrill
of drinking from its fountain.

Softness of heart,
fit like a glove
rapture, fulfillment
wonderful things we feel
when we are in love!


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  1. I can understand why you expressed so much interest in my stuff. you have a similar style. I REALLY like your stuff. you have a real gift with words. I can't get over how well everything flows.

    Ed( library poetry workshop)