Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Is that Love or Passion?

I am listening to one of my Italian CDs and getting lost in my thoughts... I stop to observe my cats. Topaz is lying down in front of the heat vent - smart girl! Onyx comes by and starts grooming her. He licks the top of her head, so affectionately. She seems to enjoy it - how else would she groom the top of her own head?

That sweet scene of nature brought tears to my eyes... plus the songs... plus some old memories...

Yeah... like the cats we all need some special grooming, don't we? Certain things are better when the "cat friend" does to us...

Acceptance. Interaction. Affection. Discoveries. And Love. Different kinds of love.

How many times do you believe one can fall in love? I believe numerous times. Different kinds of love, sometimes at the same time. Who's to say what is to be? Life just happens! "Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans" said John Lennon. "...and trying to understand the rights and wrongs",  said I.

Sometimes we may love someone only to discover later a transformation... into another kind of love. Another intensity takes place, different feelings, desires... or no desires. Just acceptance. And sometimes no acceptance, either.

Sometimes we change. Many times when we change, the other does not. And we want more from life; the other does not.

We are then hungry for life, wonder, fantasy, sex, intensity... that "one moment in life". We hunt, following our instincts like wild beasts craving for happiness. We then find what feeds our soul, our mind, our energy. We discover life again... all the colors... sounds... sensations.

Is that love or passion?

It seems to me that love is something more heavenly (heaven being a peaceful state of mind). It's more of a reasonable feeling. Acceptance, calm, tolerance. Love is kind... is pastel blue... healthy breeze. But passion... oh, passion is different!

Passion is like a roller coaster with no breaks! It's not peaceful or calm. It's intense and alive! It can be kind... kind of "nice-naughty"! It's sparkling red... a mad storm!

Passion is always boiling. Love is always simmering.
Love is the safe harbor. Passion is the explosion.

Love keeps you safe. But it can be boring if there is no passion.
Passion keeps you alive. But it can be harmful if there is no love.

What if you are in love? And passionate? And so alive? What do you do?  Fear the emotion? Avoid it? Run away? Despair? 

Just do it! Just live it! Life just happens if you are open to it. A dear friend of mine says, "Everything works if you let it".

Dear... I am letting it!

Are you?


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