Monday, February 15, 2010

Still Living

Still Living is the name of a Brazilian rock band, whose guitarist is a subscriber of one of my websites. It seems that we are mutual fans! I've seen myself in several of their song's words... Passion is such a universal feeling! It just bugs me when people try to kill their passion in name of the false concept of being "correct" and following stupid behavioral rules.

Still Living is an independent band and their songs are mainly AOR and melodic hard rock. They are from Garanhuns, Pernambuco (one of my favorite states in the northeast coast of Brazil!) and they have been doing a great job with their words and instruments since 2004.

Many of their songs and videos shared around the Net are still a little raw. Handsome Pedro Gilberto (vocal) has a low-toned voice, which in many songs gets obscured by the high-toned instruments (this makes it hard to understand the words and fully "feel" the song). They are working on a demo CD, so I guess little details will be soon addressed.

It's worth checking these guys out! The music arrangements are really good! I especially like the song Trying to Believe... very nice groove!

And here you can listen to some others songs, right when you open the site.

If you are a rock expert or a rock snobbish, forgive my "like-everything-what-makes-me-happy" style! I am no expert in music, but I love everything that makes me drift away (i.e. think, dream, dance, cry, laugh... good wine... love...).

Here are the words of Stream of Life. I like the words in this song (pity we can't hear them clearly in the demo video!). These words reflect a bit of my own life poetry. Yep...the storm will pass... I'm too, "Trying to Believe", and I am "Still Living"! ;-)

Stream of Life

in the dark days of this year
you saw your dreams disappear…
you’re feeling all alone
like a shadow on the wall…

now you want to blame the world
tomorrow is getting colder…

you need to come home
or find a little shelter
There's a broken feeling
knocking on your door

you’re not the only one
in the stream of life
now you must be strong
to break the chains around you

what will life bring you now?
all the faith is going down…
more than a tragic day
you’re lost along the way…

in your eyes I see the pain
and your heart beats away…

rain keeps on falling
in the strongest storm

Go Still Living! Keep that passion on! Keep following your dreams! I am proud of you guys! :-)


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