Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Your Truth resides in your own perceptions

You can either see a shattered shell and be reminded of destruction; or you can see the exuberant moon partially covered by tree leaves, having the sexy darkness of the night for background. And then, be reminded of the Universal ecstasy that surrounds you.

That's how we can see our lives, too. It all depends on where we focus our perception.

There is no absolute truth - not even this one. It's all in the eyes of the beholder. 

It's not because we read it somewhere that it's true. It's not - especially not! - because we saw it on TV or on the Internet that it's true!  You know that, I know you know it.

However... how many times have you and everybody else believed in facts (or "so called" facts) that were transmitted to you by any means, without knowing (or even questioning!) what else was behind that? The subjects are numerous. And numerous, too, are the different perspectives on each one. In the News you can find endless examples. Stories about celebrities' lives, the economy, politics, society, and health. They are all "stories" told from someone's point of view. There is so much speculation about everything! It's said that it is what feeds the media. But, no! Actually, what feeds the media is YOUR belief in their speculation. 

And we all, as a society, have been trained to believe the strongest argument. No matter what lies  behind it. In other words, our perception has been tamed to the point of being numb. It's been easier to accept media-made perceptions than use our own.  But, not everyone has been trapped!

Perceptions will ultimately become beliefs (your own Truth), and even worse - they can become dogmas, a way of life. But they start innocently as experiences and opinions go. This is the cycle:

Each person is unique, and has a unique background - be it genetic, ancestral, conceptual and/or experiential knowledge. All these form each individual's experiences and opinions. Over time, they become beliefs. These opinionated beliefs will determine the person's perspective on life: the angle from which that person will stand to look at things, and "how" he will look at those things. And by that angle or perspective he will form his perception: "what" he sees and what he understands from that.  (And what he sees/understands  is added to his background/experience again, and the cycle continues.)

This cycle has four elements, in this order: 

=>  experience/knowledge => 
=>  opinions/beliefs => 
=>  perspective/how you see things => 
=>  perception/what you see/understand =>

You can start analyzing it from any element and follow the arrows, and the result will be the same.

To me, the key point is: perspective defines perception.

Those perspectives, or the way you look at things, will determine your Truth. ONLY YOUR TRUTH. Not everybody else's truth. Not absolute truth (unless worse comes to worst and it becomes a dogma, where a whole group with numb minds follow one mass perception).

So, what is YOUR Truth? What do you choose to believe - according to your own opinions and knowledge? Have they been favorable, so far?  The answer can be found in your own life. If you are living a life that is abundant in joy, harmony, good thoughts, health, love, money... yes, your perspectives on life have been favorable to you, creating favorable perceptions, and consequently beautiful experiences in return. 

If you are living a life where you lack money, health, sincere friends, creativity, inspiration, energy... Where everything is a drag and getting up in the morning sucks, then it seems that your perspectives about life are not being that beneficial to you, are they?

Knowledge cannot be returned. Once we gain it, we have it. Or at least we think we have it, until we change it, transform it for a better use. That said, even knowledge can be changed. Not eliminated, because we cannot eliminate acquired experiences, but we can improve that knowledge by simply changing the focus! Consequently, we'll be changing the perspective. Then, the  perception; and by doing so we'll be creating a different knowledge/experience. Which, ultimately will lead to a different belief, our new Truth! One that's favorable to us!

It's all in the eye of the beholder.

If you see a cracked shell in the picture above it's probably because your eyes first caught the very moon. The light part, which may not look like a moon to you, at this point. It's in the foreground for you, thus the appearance of a cracked something, because the whole (the darkness) seems farther and greater.

On the other hand, if you look at the picture and your eyes are first attracted by the surrounding darkness of the shady leaves, then it appears in the foreground and you can now see the moon in the night background, even behind the dark leaves, which mingle with the dark sky. 

Try both perspectives and notice how cool is to change the focus of the eyes and shift between the two perceptions: a cracked shell and a sensual moon.

Same thing goes for the way we focus on life. What we focus on  - the brilliance or the darkness - will determine how we judge the big picture. 

The broken aspect of things, or the exuberant life that is in all things. It's a choice, actually. Both aspects are there. The wise observer will choose that which makes him feel good inside.

What things are you choosing to see that are not making you feel good inside? Maybe they need a shift in perspective, too! The way your country is being managed? Some people's behavior, of which you don't approve? Facts that you condemn? The decay of something? Your appearance?  Your finances?  Remember, they ALL have multiple aspects to be looked at. If the aspects you have been choosing to see are not leading you to peace and contentment, something is wrong. Just switch your focus and claim your well-being!

To think about perception - and to change it when necessary in order to see more beauty in the world - is not only a very interesting mind/spirit exercise, but it is also vital for the well-being: our own, individually, first; and as a consequence, the planet's, as a whole.

We better ourselves first. And the rest follows. (It's not the other way around!)

Sparkles of Passion to You! 

Rose T. 

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