Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Renewal!

If seasons help us to remember that we too must change, this is the greatest one! I love spring because it takes me away from death! That cold, dark, monotonous winter is gone for good! Well... at least for now!

And as I am a kind of pagan by heart, I love to celebrate the resurrection of gardens, warm days - and of myself! Those are the biggest changes! Our own rebirth! Mother Nature is just telling me, once again, to lift my chin up and breathe... breathe... and move on!

It's Spring Time!  Finally!

I am renewing things around here: not only objects around the house, but emotions inside myself. With a certain object go its memories, unnecessary and painful memories some times. Even the good memories can be painful, when there is no hope for them to materialize again!

There are still a dark shirt in my drawer... a CD, a couple of pictures and a few other relics, and several emails that must go. That's just the beginning. The most difficult part are the ghosts - those memories! - that keep knocking on my door. Eventually they will go, too...

Emptiness is what must remain - so there will be space for the new. For the rebirth.


Coming from the past
is now only this feeling
memories at their best,
waiting for some healing.

It's a weird sensation
not to be alone, but lonely
First was exhilaration
now, emptiness only.

I guess it's good to feel a little "hollow" sometimes! Then, comes a ...

Storm Renovation

Clay under water spout
survived the drought.
There comes the wash out...
sudden energy taking away
useless pray,
a pout...

You built this ridge.
Now, it's all water
under the bridge.

Happy Changes to All of You!

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