Monday, April 19, 2010

When a Malware Wipes Out the System

You know when your computer freezes... you lose files, you start over and you can't recover them, you feel like going home because the system crashed!  Yes... I know how it is, too...

When a Malware Wipes Out the System

The system froze!
I have shut off so many times
restarted, re-booted
called for your assistance
but your hot-line was unavailable...
I've wiped off my "see"
and ignored the error messages;
I've dipped in your blue, screen of death.

But you keep popping up
and occupying too much space
hogging all my memory
trillions of bits per second
unwanted sounds and images
you slow down my system
overload my capacity
to process information.

You've locked the screen
and frozen the navigation.

Nowhere to go
nothing to do, but kill
the programs...

I'm deleting them
One by one...

I'm deleting all the bits,
all the bugs,
and all bullshit
you left on my board.
You messed up
my binary system
where there were  two digits;
now there is only one...

I set fire on your wall
you opened the gate just
to allow a hacker to break
in. A malware wiped us out.

I have a backup of your photos
and text files -
yes, you know where?
in the trash can!

The audio file with your voice
I burned,
the flashdrive with your thoughts
I drove the truck over.

I cleaned my virtual memory
I scanned for virus
I tossed your hardware
from my slot
away from my view,
now my "soft wears" are new.

I removed you from my
my notebook
and I hung myself on a hook
like a winter coat
needing to be renewed,
to delete you now
from my IM
if I could ever know where
- without your bits -
the heck I AM!

I'm pushing the OFF button now. Goodbye!


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