Monday, April 5, 2010

This is Inspiration!

An example of Passion!  Passion for Life! Passion for Writing!

This is the inspiration of a reader of The Passionate Rose, who is also a great poet. He is also becoming a friend of mine, and... would I dare to say, a fan as well?  ;-)

Here is to you, Daniel!  Thank you so much for this sweet poem you wrote for me!


Lady De Flores
by Daniel Curtis

I met a Beautiful-Rose; a Rose without thorns
they say She comes from Brazil
that's where thornless Roses are born

In a valley, on a beach, between fruit-laden hills
the Rose frolics, blissfully;
as only a Sao Paulo Flower does...

I saw her through a window
teeming with souls passionately following
that Beautiful-Rose

The spirits listened intently
to the words of the Rose
that flowed, spellbound, like sensual-prose

I peaked through that window, hoping in vain
to glimpse the Lady De Flores
and let her take away my pain.

The End

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