Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Daring Wish

I'm truly enjoying the month of poetry with the Writer's Digest challenge, a Poem-A-Day. Poetic Asides dared me today to write a daring poem. How couldn't I take a dare??  ;P  Here it is...

A Daring Wish

I know you wouldn't dare
because you no longer care;
you know I would be there
and even what I'd wear.

Would it be unfair,
or just another err?
That yellow dress, I almost bare,
long black hair flying in the air...

I bet you would care
again, if you did dare.
Bursting again, in that flare
feelings that are so rare!

But you are not aware
anymore of the glare
that belongs to our affair.
It's still there, I swear,

while you, in that chair,
daydream our soul-repair.
Lost, hurt, you just stare,
because we're no longer a pair.

Maybe, secretly, you still care -
but think you cannot declare
'cause you are too square.
Oh, how I wish you would dare.

- Rosangela Taylor

P.S. Here is the link in case you would like to share your poems, too!

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