Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Only if I still loved you

If I still loved you
I'd write you another poem.
Not like any of'em,
but a poem about you.

And about us.
The rise of a sentiment,
and the so imminent
destructive fuss.

We took risks in those days,
January to December
jumbling our ways.

We were kids inside
and we just followed the heart.
We knew the art
of going with the tide.

The poem would gather
our moments of laughter,
the magic during and after
the bliss of being together.

Your boyish personality,
your strong passion and desire
for more life, more fire.
Your best quality.

One verse would be like this:
Among all the experiences
and despite our differences
we lived in true bliss...

And I'd write about your smile
and the way you'd look at me
how you'd make it easy to be
so alive, so wild in a little while.

The poem would refresh your mind
about all the things we lived for:
burning desires, love, fun, and more.
It would remind
you and me
that we might never find
a better way to be soul-free.

I'd write you a poem,
if I still loved you.

- Rosangela Taylor


  1. Good write! Saw the poem after your comment on my poem at WD Prompt ...
    Thanks for letting me know about it.
    I'd change one word at the end..
    I'd write you that poem
    if I still loved you.

    Keep writing!

  2. Thank you, Chris! :)

    You know, I would not change the end because if I did, it would give it a different meaning from what was intended.

    What I intended was to show - through a paradox - that "I" still love "you". This poem IS already "the poem" or "that poem" that she would only write if she still loved him. So, pure contradiction! She denies it, but she still loves him and that's why she ended up writing him one more poem.

    Got it? ;p

    Great feedback, though! Thanks for the comment!