Friday, April 3, 2015

She keeps smiling

Nobody believed her
but she insisted smiling
and saying there was no

“What's your secret?”
was not the right question
to ask, since if
there were one it
couldn't, obviously,
be revealed.

Or, it'd no longer be a

And she had one. Much
At least one. A good,
audacious, hot one.

A red, passionate secret
that kept her
young, joyful,
wise like a witch,
brilliant like a goddess.

She lived for it.
And she kept smiling
and saying there was no

She died 
for that secret.
And she never
told us what it was.

But you and I -
we know,
She still has a

Yes, she's a secret.
And she keeps smiling. 

Rosangela Taylor

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